Baby Blaire

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We would like you to meet Baby Blaire, 8 days old and cute as a button. He was quite sleepy and slept through most of his […]

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A lot of people ask when I started photographing people, some even ask what qualifications I have or where I studied but not a lot […]

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Baby Aaron

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We would like you to meet baby Aaron, one of the smallest and most content wee boys we have photographed. Aaron was great, and slept […]

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6 Days of Dogs – Smudge

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The last pup to be born was Smudge, otherwise known as ‘One Shoe’.  When the pups were born it didn’t take long to find them […]

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6 Days of Dogs – Susie

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The fifth pup born, and the biggest by far, was Susie! Susie was affectionately known as ‘The Beast’ in our house for a long time. […]

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6 Days of Dogs – Rosie

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Rosie was the fourth pup born and the second largest. She had two white soles on her back paws and very wavy hair. She grew […]

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6 Days of Dogs – Sparkz

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The third born was our boy, Sparkz. He was the only boy of the litter, had a huge white flash on his chest and was […]

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6 Days of dogs – Rox & Sky

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The father of the pups, Rox, also belongs to us and was patiently waiting for his puppies to come along; he just decided to wait […]

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6 Days of Dogs – Riley & Dee

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A year ago this week we were nervously waiting for our Yorkie, Riley, to give birth to her puppies. We found out Riley was pregnant […]

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