6 Days of Dogs – Rosie

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Rosie was the fourth pup born and the second largest. She had two white soles on her back paws and very wavy hair. She grew fast but was just as small as the others when she was born. Rosie liked to play with all of the toys and wasn’t camera […]

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6 Days of Dogs – Sparkz

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The third born was our boy, Sparkz. He was the only boy of the litter, had a huge white flash on his chest and was the smallest by far. What Sparkz lacked in size he made up for in cuteness. Sparkz would always watch the other pups closely before joining […]

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6 Days of dogs – Rox & Sky

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The father of the pups, Rox, also belongs to us and was patiently waiting for his puppies to come along; he just decided to wait out of sight in the other room. And what handsome dad he is too! Next to come along was Sky, the second black and tan […]

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